50 Practices to Savor for a Lifetime: A Simple Gift That Keeps On Giving

This is the season where we often give gifts to family and friends that we love and cherish. To that end, I would like to suggest my newest book Savor Every Bite: Mindful Ways to Eat, Love Your Body and Live with Joy, as a beautiful offering to those you love. It is an inexpensive gift with priceless practices that can change a person’s life. Great as a stocking stuffer!

Who is it for?

This book is for all beings who live in bodies that they need to feed and care for.

Why This Book?

When we were born, we were delivered without operating instructions. And somewhere along the way, the most instinctual acts we perform–such as eating and moving our bodies–that have become quite complicated and confusing. This little book does not provide a set of rules for you to follow; rather, you’ll find short, powerful practices and how to become present with your own internal wisdom and knowing heart. Inside of you the teacher for almost all you need to know. Your body is the expert. Your heart is the guide. You can re-learn how to listen to their soft and gentle voice is pointing you toward nourishment and restoration.

What’s in the Book?

This book is divided into five steps that, taken all together, will help you eat mindfully with pleasure, embrace yourself with kindness and compassion, and live with joy.

In Step One: Slow Down and Explore your Senses, you’ll learn how to move out of habituated ways of living in the fast lane and come in to contact with yourself–your food, your body, and the moments of your life–with greater attention, kindness, and curiosity.

Step Two: Soothe (Instead of Eat) Your Emotions teaches you mindful approaches to experiencing the play of emotions that run through your life–from understanding their nature to using your body, mind, and heart to hold them with compassion and tenderness.

Step Three: Surrender Limiting Thoughts outlines ten common thoughts that create obstacles to mindful eating and barriers to having a loving relationship with food in your body.

Step Four: Smile and Create Your Own Happiness helps you realize the power you have to cultivate positive emotions, maintain happier states of mind, and have gratitude for the abundance that is all around you.

Step Five: Savor Every Moment teaches you the art of appreciating a deep connection to food, movement, nature, health, family, friends, and more.

50 Savoring Practices

Each step has ten chapters. And, each short chapter includes one or more savoring practices. The practices are brief mindfulness teachings designed to guide the readers through the doorway to a more authentic and loving relationship to themselves and to all that they do. These are practices that I’ve used in my classes and in my teaching over a couple of decades. They can be used as touchstones to the present where you can be nourished by mindfulness.


Send me your book receipt and I’ll send you a pdf of the BASICS of Mindful Eating for you to print and use. Or, if you’ve read the book and loved it, write a review on Amazon and/or other booksellers’ websites. Point me to it and I’ll send you the pdf of the BASICS of Mindful Eating.