A Mindful Nation: a message from Washington I can believe in.

A few years ago Jon Kabat-Zinn and others within the mindfulness community were given time to spend with some members of Congress.  The message seemed to take with Representative Tim Ryan and he now has a book out, A Mindful Nation, describing his belief in the power of “meditative mindfulness” to effect change in people’s lives on all levels.   If it works, he says, “why wouldn’t we have it as part of our health care program?”  Good question.  There is a huge body of scientific research that demonstrates the positive effects of mindfulness in people experiencing a wide variety of mental and physical health problems.    If we really want health care reform and to lower health care costs, we need to start personally taking care of our health.   But wouldn’t it be nice to walk out of your doctor’s office with a prescription of “mindfulness  practice” and actually be supported financially to take a program that works without drugs.   Read more about Rep. Ryan in the recent Washington Post article.

Please note:  This message is not intended to suggest that you should not follow your doctor’s orders if you need to be on prescription drugs.  It is suggesting that sometimes there is a better way.