Addicted to food… hear the “flavorists” tell you why

If you want to hear the food industry admit they are trying to addict people to food, watch the CBS 60 minutes episode that aired on Sunday, November 27.  Here is the website (go to the second story at 16 minutes into the episode (you also have to listen to 3 ads, but it’s worth it).

The “flavorists” at a large Swiss company (employing 9,000 people over 45 countries) speak candidly to Morley Safer about what they do to make food taste the way it does.  What they admit to is how they try to perfect a flavor that “bursts” with a “finish that doesn’t linger so that you want more of it.”  In other words, “a quick fix” and then you need more.  Morley suggested this would be called “addiction” and the flavorists heartedly agreed.   Anything in a package, jar, or can is intensified with sugar, fat, and salt in order to get that burst.  However, a representative of the Swiss company denies that what they are doing is in any way connected with the obesity problem in America.  It is really fascinating to hear how they try to wiggle out of their part of this crises.  Sounds like the tobacco industry denying that nicotine is addicting.

To learn more about the inside of the food industry you can also read David Kessler’s book “The End of Overeating.”  Dr. Kessler is also interviewed in the 60 minutes episode.

Check it out!