Are You Ready to Feel Strong, Confident, and Fulfilled in Your Midlife Years?

Our midlife years can be riddled with changes, stress, anxiety and uncertainty, which often cause us to lose sight of how precious and amazing they can actually be. If you’re currently feeling unfulfilled and unmotivated in your midlife journey, you’re not alone, and it doesn’t have to be this way!

Join me and 20+ other women speakers for the Happy & Healthy in Midlife Summit from July 12th to 25th. Our host, Sherry Jibb, has put countless hours into finding some incredible women to speak their truths and to teach, inspire and help you take action to make your midlife years the best ones yet.

 From doctors to pharmacists to travelers, there’s something for every woman to enjoy during this summit! Each woman has prepared a recording and freebie specifically for this event to help you tap into a happier & healthier way of being, highlighting their most important messages for you in your midlife journey. If you’re ready to cruise through midlife feeling stronger, confident and fulfilled, you’re going to love the Healthy & Happy in Midlife Summit!

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