Create Balance in Your Business and Your Life

Entrepreneurs, in particular, often struggle to maintain a nourishing balance between their own health and the health of their business. Have you ever faced an uphill battle when it came to increasing your energy and focus while working long hours to improve your business? You’re not alone.

When it comes to our well-being, we often find ourselves “too busy” to prioritize our own happiness. We discount our body’s messages of fatigue, pain, or inability to focus, convincing ourselves that as soon as we’re done with a project, we’ll take better care of ourselves. But there’s no denying that when we neglect to lead a healthy lifestyle, our business (and relationships) suffers. Focusing on achieving better habits leads to better health and well-being, which is the greatest wealth of all.

Yes, there will always be obstacles on the journey towards achievement, but success doesn’t have to come at the expense of our own well-being. In fact, quite to the contrary, many of the happiest and most successful entrepreneurs have learned to prioritize their well-being through life’s challenges. 

Boosting your personal and business resiliency will help you maintain the levels of happiness and productivity you desire to become a Happy Entrepreneur! And, of course, mindfulness is key!

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On February 21, I will be participating in the Happy Entrepreneur Online Event hosted by psychologist and fellow collaborator of mine, Tal Leead, Psy.D. The event will run from February 17-21, 2020. 

Along with 20 renowned speakers and best-selling authors comprised of business coaches, leadership experts, entrepreneurs, doctors, psychologists, professors, brain experts, meditation and mindfulness specialists, and TV hosts – Tal Leead, Psy.D. and I will give you the tools to rise above life’s challenges and get the authentic life and business you want!

The online event includes speakers that have been featured in: CNN, CBS, Los Angeles Business, MCNBC, Forbes, NPR, ABC, The Huffington Post, The New York Times, Black Enterprise, Chicago Sun Times, and many more.

The online event will provide budding entrepreneurs who face everyday adversities with the knowledge and practical steps for reaching their personal and business goals! 

The Happy Entrepreneur Event will teach you how to OPTIMIZE:

1.  Achievement At Work – through confidence, leadership, performance, and awareness

2.  Health – through food, disease prevention, pain treatment, and human connection

3.  Joy, Energy & Focus – through wisdom, meditation, and cooking

4.  Business authority – through media visibility, and perspectives

5.  Brain Functioning – through rewiring techniques and eating habits

The series of interviews in this online event will connect you to the latest ideas, research, and techniques in the field to help boost your wellbeing. You’ll take home expert insights on how to increase your happiness through those stormy times which will allow you the successful, balanced life and career you’ve always wanted! 

Take the next step in improving your success and well-being by signing up for the Happy Entrepreneur Online Event!

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