Eat for Life – 10 week program to help you savor your food and respect your body – Register Now!

I’m happy to announce that registration is open for my successful non-diet weight management approach to eating for health and enjoyment.  This ten week class starts in September so you need to register soon.  If you live in Columbia or Kansas City, you might enjoy taking the in-person class being held on the University of Missouri campus.  Otherwise, you can take the Eat for Life class from the comfort of your own home, coffee shop, or office—wherever you have a computer.  The online version of the class uses the same materials as the in-person class and includes video and audio recordings to help you understand and practice the philosophy of mindful and intuitive eating.  Go to the “classes” link above to listen to the informational and testimonial videos and read more about the class.  For more information and to enroll, please contact me, Dr. Rossy, at