Eat for Life! Enroll NOW in summer program.

Do you eat when you’re stressed, bored, or sad?


Do you snack without noticing that you’re eating?

Do you have trouble not eating certain foods if they’re around the house?

Do you have a hard time not overeating? (e.g. eating until you’re too full)

Are you easily enticed to eat, even when you’re not hungry?

Are you tired of the endless diets that don’t work?

Well, of course, you answered “yes” to some of these questions.  And, if you’d like to be more mindful about how, what, and why you eat, consider taking the Eat for Life program.  This program is non-diet approach to rediscovering a healthy and joyful relationship with food and your body.  This summer it’s available on-line so you can take it from the comfort of your own home (or by your pool lying in your hammock!).  Class starts May 31.

Some of the things you will learn include:

  • BASICS  of mindful eating (simple mindful guidelines for eating)
  • The  Three Food Wisdoms – no forbidden food, eating the “right” amount and knowing and respecting your patterns and triggers with food
  • How  to stop using food as the way to handle your emotions
  • How to savor your food and respect your body at the same time

Research on this program has demonstrated that after 10 weeks participants become more intuitive eaters, they have more appreciation for their bodies, they decrease problematic eating, and they increase in their ability to be mindful.  To register or to get more information, contact Craig  Click here to hear some testimonials about the program.