Eat, Move, and Live Mindfully – Live Online Ten-Week Class

Tired of dieting?  Confused by messages about what to eat and what not to eat?  Find yourself eating when you’re stressed, bored, unhappy, happy, tired? If you want to discover what you’re really hungry for, then I have good news for you!

When working for the wellness program at the University of Missouri, I discovered that there was very little information or education to help people have a better relationship to food and their bodies. Unfortunately, most of the information was about diets and we know that diets don’t work! Or, did you know that? People that go on diets engage in restricting either calories or food and this is what leads to overeating. Even if you lose weight in the short term, you often gain it back, plus some. Sound familiar?

I developed a ten-week mindful eating program called Eat for Life that helps you understand what, when, why, and how to eat. I don’t tell you what to do but I help you engage with your own internal wisdom to guide you.

Your internal wisdom comes from the ability to to be present with kindness and without judgment. This is the skill that was shown to be the most effective at helping people make the kind of changes they were after.

My class teaches you how to practice mindfulness through formal practices of meditation, body scan, and mindful yoga as well as many informal practices that help you take mindfulness into your daily life and particularly when you eat.  These practices will help you be more conscious about the food choices you make, respect your body, and savor not only your food but your entire life.

The research I conducted on my program indicates people who take my class significantly reduce overeating, improve their appreciation for their bodies, eat when they are physically hungry but not because they are emotional, and have the ability to be more present.

Register for my next class starting in September and discover how YOU can not only have the relationship you want with food but create a life of joy and meaning.

If you want to hear about how it’s changed lives of others, listen to these  testimonials from people at the University of Missouri.  I hope to join you on the journey of health and wellness.