Finding Balance in the Body

Our busy modern lifestyles can create a sense of imbalance in our bodies, heart, and minds. In our bodies, we can begin to get aches and pains because of being hunched over a computer, a report, our phones, or books all day long. Our shoulders hunch forward so much that it begins to be a pattern. Our hearts and minds get out of balance with the constant pushing to do more and the lack of time to bring a little spaciousness into our lives for self-care. Join me for a workshop at alleyCat Yoga Center in Columbia, MO, on Saturday, October 19, from 2:00 – 4:00 p.m. and explore how you might be out of balance and learn what you can do about it.

This workshop will help you achieve and maintain a more balanced body–supporting alignment of your neuromuscular system–and overall better health and wellbeing. Finding balance in your body is accomplished through recognizing common muscle imbalances that might be causing discomfort, practicing specific postures to correct imbalances, identifying habits that can pull your body out of balance, and learning what to stretch and what to strengthen in your body.

Through specific asanas (postures), yoga can help correct common muscle imbalances and bring the foundation of your body back into balance. You will also learn spot exercises that you can do throughout your day without even needing to get on a yoga mat. Learning the best way to stretch, you will be able to maximize your efforts for greater ease and less stress in the body.  Simple breathing and meditation exercises will be introduced that help bring your mind into focus and balance.

This workshop is suitable for everyone. Those who have never practiced yoga in the past will be able to see how to bring yoga into their lives and those who have a long-standing practice will learn how to take their practice to a new level. By incorporating these skills into your practice, you will be able to more precisely choose the postures most beneficial for your body–using the additional tools of breathing and meditation to support you.

To register, go to the alleyCat website here. I hope to see you soon!