From Hardship to Healing: The lastest Manifestation Lab Podcast

Here is the description of the podcast I just recorded with the lovely Kelly Howe from The Manifestation Lab. Links to the podcast are also listed below. Enjoy!

Have you ever been touched by a story of transformation that resonates with your own struggles and aspirations? Dr. Lynn Rossy joins us on a heartfelt exploration of her life’s journey from personal hardships to becoming an eminent health psychologist and mindfulness maestro. Her narrative is a beacon of hope, filled with lessons from the 12-step program and the spiritual wisdom of the Course in Miracles, alongside influencers like Marianne Williamson. As Lynn unveils her path toward a Ph.D. in psychology and the unfolding magic of intention-setting, you’ll feel inspired by her dedication to Kripalu Yoga, retreats, and the practice of energy medicine.

This episode is a treasure trove of insights on how joy and spiritual connections can act as catalysts in the healing process. We share stories of overcoming the challenges of sobriety with humor and lightness, emphasizing the upliftment that joy brings into our lives. Lynn’s experiences in the lively landscape of Los Angeles serve as a testament to the importance of maintaining our vibrational energy high and our sense of discernment sharp. You’ll gain a fresh perspective on how a child’s bond with nature can plant the seeds for lifelong spiritual growth, and how navigating social environments requires a balance of personal development and worldly wisdom.

Our journey culminates in a profound discussion about the impact of energy medicine and yoga on physical and emotional healing. From the inspiring stories of healing and breakthroughs to my own experiences with energy medicine in palliative care, we illuminate the possibilities that these ancient practices hold for modern-day ailments. As we delve into muscle testing and the value of teaching children grounding techniques like tapping, you’ll learn how these tools are not only accessible but also transformative. Whether you’re looking to manage grief, improve your well-being, or simply find solace, this episode is a guiding light towards a more integrated and holistic approach to health

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