Help me win a national contest – YOUR VOTE COUNTS!

I’ve been given a wonderful opportunity to highlight the research we’ve done on mindful and intuitive eating and I need your help!

Please vote for the Eat for Life video.  To “like” the video, simply click here  and press the “Like” button (the button with the thumbs up sign) directly below the video.   REMEMBER: you have to be logged into Google in order to have your vote count.

Help the University of Missouri get national recognition for research on this innovative, mindfulness-based weight management program being presented at the Society of Behavioral Medicine conference.  The video was produced by a team of amazing School of Journalism students.

The Eat for Life program has helped numerous people at the University of Missouri, and I hope you’ll help me reach out to even more people who may be struggling with their relationship with food.  Feel free to forward to friends and colleagues.  Help us get out the vote! Deadline is April 5.

Many thanks,

Lynn Rossy, Ph.D.