I’m taking the $5 challenge. How about you?

“On Sept. 17, I pledge to share a fresh, healthy meal that costs less than $5 — because slow food shouldn’t have to cost more than fast food.”  from Slow Food Movement

I just received this intriguing email from the Slow Food Movement.  They are challenging people to prove that you can eat healthy, local food with not much money.  So, I signed up and will have a few people over to my house on (or near) September 17 and see what I can whip up for $5.00 per person.  (Note:  I can’t do it exactly on September 17 because that’s my dad’s birthday and we will be celebrating!)  

I love the idea of eating healthy, cheap, and easy and showing others that it is possible with just a little planning and thought.   I will report back in September about what I fixed and how much fun this was (because I’m sure it will be).  If you want to do it, too, read about the challenge below and go to the Slow Food website and show your support.   I would love to hear from you in the comments section if you take the challenge.  Let me know what you discovered!

THE CHALLENGE: This September 17, you’re invited to take back the ‘value meal’ by getting together with family, friends and neighbors for a slow food meal that costs no more than $5 per person. Cook a meal with family and friend or have a potluck..

WHY: Because slow food shouldn’t have to cost more than fast food. If you know how to cook, then teach others. If you want to learn, this is your chance. Together, we’re sending a message to our nation’s leaders that too many people live in communities where it’s harder to buy fruit than Froot Loops. Everybody should be able to eat fresh, healthy food every day.

HOW TO GET INVOLVED: Sign up for the challenge! You can cook a meal with friends and family, find a local event, or host your own event. When you sign up, we’ll send you $5 cooking tips.