Invitation to Local Foods BBQ Party–Sunday, May 16

Sustainable Farms and Communities is Happy to Host the 2010 Local Foods BBQ and Volleyball Potluck (We can feed ourselves!)

Sunday May 16, 2010   –   Noon to 6 pm  –  Cosmo Park (the first pavilion on left as you head toward tennis courts from roundabout), Columbia, MO

This potluck style spring fling is a chance for people to come together to share food, recipes and ideas from the Columbia Farmers Market, their own gardens and other local sources.  Grill, eat, and play some volleyball.  Everyone is welcome.  Please bring family and friends!  Cook and celebrate local food!

You might consider making it a “local food weekend” by going by the Farmers Market on Saturday, May 15, and buying some local products to take to the potluck.

BYOB/drink and please bring serving spoons and such.  Label things if possible.  If you plan to attend try to rsvp so they get an idea of grill needs. If you want to help out with some items, like grills and charcoal, plates, utensils, etc. contact Casey Corbin, Executive Director of Sustainable Farms and Communities, Inc. at 823-FOOD or