Join Me for 30 Days of Mindfulness: Discover the Power of Daily Meditation

I’m excited to announce that I’m one of the teachers in this September’s Mindful30, a 30-day online meditation challenge from my friends at Mindful.

Mindful30 includes a full month of daily videos sent straight to your inbox, featuring mindfulness practices from me and other experts. This program is designed to help you build resilience, cultivate compassion and boost your wellbeing, while bringing these same benefits to children and communities.

A portion of your registration will go directly toward Ivy Child International. Ivy Child is an international nonprofit devoted to universal mindfulness education. They bring culturally-tailored programs to diverse systems of education and care, with a special focus on urban populations.

Sign up here.

PLUS Get these Bonuses—All Included in your Mindful30 Registration!

  • A full year’s subscription to Mindful magazine (*print magazine US and Canada only; existing subscribers get a 1-year extension)
  • Unlimited access to premium content on
  • iOS and Android access to the Mindful app
  • Access to Mindful’s complete digital archive
  • Downloadable audio library of all guided meditations
  • Lifetime access to all program content.

This September, invite the benefits of Mindful30 to your life, and support nonprofits bringing mindfulness training to young people. Sign up today!