Jumpstart 2022 With More Energy and Mindful Eating!

I couldn’t decide which of my exciting January offerings to tell you about this week, so I decided to write about both! The time I’ve spent preparing these programs has already given me more energy, joy, and attention to what’s most important in my life–staying physically, emotionally, and spiritually healthy so I can connect with those I love.

I became hooked on teaching mindful eating since my first class in 2007 because I saw the tremendous power mindfulness has to transform a person’s relationship to food, their bodies, their minds, and their emotions. And, I became hooked on Energy Medicine Yoga in the summer of 2020 when we were locked down in our homes. I completed the foundational teacher training and am already in the advanced teacher training with Lauren Walker. One of the characteristics of energy is that it needs to move and learning how to harness this energy has been quite the ride.

Let me tell you a little bit more about each.

Eat for Life — Mindful Eating Program

Here is what a recent participant said.

The Eat for Life program has without a doubt changed me.  I am someone who has struggled with bingeing and regular overeating for over 10 years, particularly when life got more stressful and busy with marriage and children.  I have read countless books, tried countless diets, and made plan after plan to adopt different healthy habits and get control of my weight and health.  Lynn has put together a comprehensive program covering so many different elements of what we need to learn to understand our relationship with food.  But most importantly, it was the focus on our relationship with our body and ourselves that made the most difference.  I cannot fully explain the shift I feel within me, but I FEEL it.  It’s no longer about strict rules around food, a specific number on a scale, or unrealistic goals related to my health.  It’s about awareness.  It’s about loving and respecting my body, listening to it, in every moment so I can take care of all of my needs in a healthy way–not just soothing myself through food.  Lynn’s positive, encouraging,  relatable approach made me feel like I could change.  That, although I am okay exactly as I am, I am capable of making changes to honor my body, and myself, every single day.  Eat for Life inspired and motivated me more than I can express, and put me on a different path.  I am excited for the journey ahead. –Rebecca G.

I really can’t say it much better than that. The Eat for Life Program will help you learn the skill of mindfulness and you can use that to bring focus to your eating, to your body, and to everything else in your life. It is a portable skill that can bring you great joy and peace. Join me for ten weeks that will change your life well into the future.

This program is for the public and for professionals who wish to bring mindful eating into their work with clients.

Option 1: Evening: Tuesdays, 6:30 – 8:30 p.m. CENTRAL TIME, January 25 (Orientation); February 8 – April 12 (ten-week class)

Option 2: Day: Thursdays, 12:00 – 2:00 p.m. CENTRAL TIME, January 27 (Orientation); February 10 – April 14 (ten-week class)

Go to the Eat for Life Page on my website for registration information.

Energy Tune-Up – Three Week Energy Medicine Yoga Series

At the beginning of January, I will be offering a three-week series (online only) to people wanting to experience energy in a new and different way. There will be three themes as follows:

Week One: Grounding Your Energy – Learn to notice when you’re not feeling grounded and practice easy-to-learn techniques you can do every day to feel more confident, calm, and relaxed. While the world around you may be swirling, when you ground your energy you begin to sense your ability to meet the stresses of daily life with more ease and clarity.

Week Two: Protecting Your Energy – Did you know that you have an energy field around you that you can interact with? Just like your physical body, your energetic body needs some attention to stay healthy. Learn techniques that enhance, strengthen, and repair your energy field–letting in what’s helpful and keeping out what isn’t.

Week Three: Energy Testing – Your body is very wise, and you can learn to tap into this wisdom through a variety of techniques. This week will get you started on enhancing your communication with yourself so that you are making decisions that strengthen the body’s health and wellbeing.

Registration for the three-week series can be made through the alleyCat Yoga website here.

Or, if you want to get a taste of Energy Medicine Yoga, join me weekly at 5:30 p.m. in-person or online through alleyCat Yoga.

I hope to see you in 2022 as we forge ahead with hope and faith!