Mindful Eating Certificate!! Join NOW for more savings

Take your mindful eating knowledge and expertise to the next level and take the Mindful Eating Certificate Training for professionals through The Center for Mindful Eating!

The Early Bird Sale runs through December 9th. Save $75 with code MEC75. Click here to register.

From the basics of starting a mindfulness practice to being able to teach mindful eating to your clients, this certificate will provide an unparalleled opportunity for personal and professional growth and development. You won’t want to miss this exciting opportunity, starting in March 2023.

Throughout this 10-module program you will learn the following:

*The basics of beginning and building a personal mindfulness practice.

*The research that supports mindfulness and mindful eating interventions.

*How to support clients in cultivating a mindful eating practice, including the essential role of self-compassion.

*The ways in which mindfulness and mindful eating can be applied to work with clients who experience disordered eating and chronic health conditions.

*Why mindful eating is a weight-inclusive practice and what this means for your work with clients.

This program is suitable for dietitians, psychologists, doctors, life and health/wellness coaches, yoga teachers, and others who wish to be engaged in the promotion of the practice of mindful eating.

I’ll be there!!!
In addition, I will be leading two of the question-and-answer sessions at the beginning of the program. I’ll start you out with meditation practice and talk about the research.