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There are many reasons to take a mindful eating program. You might want to understand why you keep eating even though you’re full. You might want to learn how to soothe your emotions without using food. You might want to learn how to make different food choices or understand the confusing messages you get about food. You might want to love your body more—or love it A LOT. You might want to be a more conscious eater and learn to savor delicious food without guilt. All of these things, and more, are a part of the mindful eating program called Eat for Life.

Mindfulness helps you listen to your internal wisdom about what, when, where, and how to eat. It is NOT a diet plan and we do not focus on weight because that would be counter-intuitive and outwardly focused on something that isn’t a problem. A number on a scale does not define you or determine your health, but the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that you have will impact you, physically and psychologically, for better or worse.

Mindfulness helps you be kind and curious so that your approach to eating and living, including your behavior, reflects a gentle, compassionate understanding of how to make more mindful choices. Ultimately, you will see how you eat not only affects your body, but the body of the community and the larger world outside of you. The wise poet and activist Wendell Berry said “Eating is an agricultural act” but I would say it is also an environmental act, a social act, a political act, and an act of love. Every bite of food you take can say something about what you believe in and how you appreciate yourself.

Mindfulness and mindful eating will help you learn to “eat like you love yourself,” as my friend Paula Elias would say. You see, mindfulness doesn’t just stay at the dinner table. It will follow you wherever you go. Learning mindfulness of eating translates into mindfulness at work, mindfulness with your children, mindfulness in your relationships with others, mindfulness when you’re playing, mindfulness when you’re driving, mindfulness when you’re standing in line at the grocery store, and mindfulness in every activity of your day and night.

Read what participants have to say about the class: 

“I found Dr. Rossy’s book and her class to be a transforming experience. As a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, I have knowledge about food and nutrition but that’s exactly what often gets in my own way and in the way of assisting others! Dr. Rossy has shown me it’s much more than what you eat. I became aware of my own food rules that I have clung to for years. I began applying mindfulness practices to other areas of my life and found more peace and happiness in daily living. If you want something lasting, I encourage you to sign up for Eat for Life and/or by the book. It’s worth every penny!” –Nancy S.

“Eat For Life has been a transformational experience…my relationship to food has changed dramatically.  I actually think about food much less than before — now it’s rarely on my mind until I begin to experience hunger.  And I am savoring my food infinitely more. Eat For Life embodies an intuitive, gracious approach to living, and I am captivated by the gentleness and kindness inherent in the process.” –Linda D.

“It is amazing that 10 weeks have gone past. I will use the “make peace with food” for a long time to come. That has been the most successful tip. I don’t have forbidden food, or food that is “bad.” I can have it just in the quantity that will satisfy. I thank you for the insight and the motivation.  You have made this a successful experience that has changed my life.” –Amy H.

We meet LIVE for two hours a week over Zoom to practice mindfulness and you learn how to develop a personal mindfulness practice at home. We have a theme for each week which helps you pay attention to your body and how you eat with kind, curious attention. We practice mindfulness of the thoughts and emotions that keep you in habit loops that result in automatic behaviors and guide you, instead, to make conscious choices. We place mindful eating into a larger context as we learn to explore the world of favorable foods and conscious decisions, including learning easier ways to make your own food at home. Above all, we have fun and learn to joyously embrace our best lives.

Won’t you join me for a ten-week mindful eating program starting in May and find out what mindful eating can do for your life? There are two classes — one at noon and one in the evening on Tuesdays. You can go here for complete information on the class and how to register. At the orientation you will learn about the program and, if you decide it’s not for you, I will refund your money before the first class. I hope you join me in this life-changing practice.