Savor Every Bite at Omega Institute–SIGN UP NOW

Savor Every Bite is a book about possibility–the possibility of a life of happiness, beauty, and ease. It’s also about understanding the difficulties and painful emotions that we experience in life and how to navigate them with the skill of mindfulness. Of course, it’s also about mindful eating!

Join me at Omega Institute in beautiful upstate New York for a weekend of mindfulness, delicious movment, mindful eating, and fun as we engage in the savoring practices found in the book. Give yourself the space to discover the possibilities that are inherent in you! REGISTER HERE.

Using mindfulness and yoga as the basic tools, participants will be led through practices that explore the five steps to mindful eating, loving their bodies, and living with joy, as outlined in the book Savor Every Bite:

  • Step One: Slow Down and Explore Your Senses

Have you taken a conscious breath today? Have you gazed at nature? Have you smelled the breeze? Have you heard the sound of birds singing? Have you tasted the food you ate? We miss so much because we are busy with the thoughts in our heads, getting our to-do lists done, and worrying about the future. The only time is now and the only moment you can experience life is in the present. Hone your skill of mindfulness which will at least double the length of your life. Maybe not in time, but in enjoyment and connection.

  • Step Two: Soothe (Instead of Eat) Your Emotions

The top thing people tell me when they come to my mindful eating classes is they would like to stop eating emotionally. Eating emotionally isn’t good or bad, but when we uncontrollably eat because of emotions there are a number of unfortunate side effects. You feel guilty, your body feels sick, and you still have the difficult emotions you started with. The skill of mindfulness is the best method for being with emotions that I have discovered. It teaches you to name, allow, and investigate emotions while nurturing yourself in ways other than food.

  • Step Three: Surrender Limiting Thoughts

We have between 50-80,000 thoughts a day and most of them are negative, useless, and repetitive. Learn how to take your attention to what is really happening in your life instead of the story in your head. Learn how to cultivate thoughts that are helpful and encouraging. These two actions–letting go of what isn’t working and cultivating what is–are major teachings from Buddhism.

  • Step Four: Smile and Create Your Happiness

Never would I suggest that you bypass difficult emotions. All emotions arise due to causes and conditions in our lives and are to be honored and respected. And, because our heart and mind are sticky for the negative, it can take a little more effort to foster the more pleasant emotions. Simply smiling is one of my favorite simple ways to start feeling better. Try it now and notice how you feel. Of course, there are many other practices that can help you plug into the pleasant emotions in life.

  • Step Five: Savor Every Moment

In this moment, what you can savor? When one savors, one is aware of pleasure and appreciates the positive feelings one is experiencing. Every moment has something to savor and we miss it a lot of the time. We miss the bites of pleasure when we eat, the moments of pleasure when we move, the sensations of pleasure that we hear, see, smell, and feel.

Through discussion and periods of mindful eating, meditation, and yoga, we learn how to listen to the wisdom of the body and the heart to guide our actions and deepen our relationship with ourselves. Through journaling and reflecting with fellow participants, we learn the power of taking this healing journey together.

This retreat is accessible to everyone and helpful for anyone who wants a more respectful, loving relationship with food and their bodies. Beginners and experienced practitioners are welcome.