Savor Every Bite: Mindful Ways to Eat, Love Your Body, and Live with Joy

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In my second book, you’ll learn mindfulness skills to help you navigate the difficulties of daily life and cultivate a lasting sense of calm, clarity, and profound happiness. While it is based on the knowledge and experience I have gained through the last 15 years of teaching mindful eating, it is a book that will appeal to anyone wanting to have a deeper and more connected relationship with themselves and their lives.

But, if you do want to improve your relationship with food and your body, this book has ideas and practices that have helped thousands of people. You might ask yourself “Do I turn to food when you’re feeling bored, depressed, or anxious?” “Do I judge my body for not fitting into some ideal shape or size?” If so, you aren’t alone. Diet culture has sabotaged our relationship with food and our bodies. As a result, many of us are confused—attaching shame to our food choices and judging our bodies. It’s time to break free!

Savor Every Bite offers powerful mindfulness and compassion practices for soothing difficult emotions and cultivating positive coping strategies. Enjoy reading and practicing mindful eating, thinking, moving, and living as you savor the 50 small chapters, each with a practice exercise at the end of each one.

The book is grouped into five steps–

Slow Down and Explore Your Senses – In Step One you’ll learn how to move out of habituated ways of living in the fast lane and come into contact with yourself— your food, your body, and the moments of your life—with greater attention, kindness, and curiosity. Slowing down has been reported over and over as one of the most important practices for people who are practicing mindful eating.

Soothe (Instead of Eat) Your Emotions – Step Two teaches you mindful approaches to experiencing the play of emotions that run through your life—from understanding their nature to using your body, mind, and heart to hold them with compassion and tenderness. While food is often used in response to difficult emotions, mindfulness teachings and practices can provide more satisfying responses to the difficulties that will inevitably arise in your life. 

Surrender Limiting Thoughts – Step Three outlines ten common thoughts that create obstacles to mindful eating and barriers to having a loving relationship with food and your body. Understanding that these thoughts, and subsequent beliefs, are only habits that can be changed liberates you from acting on them and offers you an opportunity to use a beginner’s mind when you approach the table, your body, and your life. 

Smile and Create Your Own Happiness – Step Four helps you realize the power you have to cultivate positive emotions, maintain happier states of mind, and have gratitude for the abundance that is all around you. By cultivating happiness in ways besides eating, you exponentially widen your repertoire for pleasure and find lasting contentment that doesn’t disappear when the food is gone. 

Savor Every Moment – Step Five teaches you the art of appreciating a deep connection to food, movement, nature, health, family, friends, and more. Savoring can happen in each moment of intentional presence. Learn to have your cake and eat it too, while you dance to the music of your life!

This book gives you a year’s worth of mindfulness lessons that you can savor slowly as you grow in awareness and love for yourself, your food, your body, and ultimately, your life. It’s time to start savoring your life! You can start now by going to the multimedia section of Dr. Rossy’s website and try out a Taste of Mindfulness to start you on the road to mindful living. Then dive into the book and let the journey begin.