The falsity of perfection.

I recently received this video that highlights the way models and actors use photoshop to hide the imperfections they have.  This one is from Sarah at

The Dove Campaign has a couple of good ones as well. This one shows you the transformation of a model in fast forward and this one shows you how bombarded with are with images of how we should look  Both a good watch!

Check them out and see why it is so important to not compare yourself with the images that you see in magazines and other print publications. We do it unconsciously because we are constantly being bombarded with the media images of supposed perfection.  The media strives to project an illusion of reality that is unachievable–not reality!  This is the way they sell products.

Instead,  think about embracing the “imperfections” you find in yourself.  They make you human and they make you real.  A long time ago I made “imperfection” my goal and I am never disappointed!

I particularly practice my “goal of imperfection” when something “goes wrong” or something breaks or gets scratched or cracks.   At the moment when something “goes wrong” like this I feel the reaction inside my body.  My body tenses up–shoulders tight, stomach queasy, my face feels hot.  It is my “bell of mindfulness” that tells me to relax and realize that it’s” just imperfection. ” That’s the way it’s supposed to be.

There are imperfections everywhere.  Learn to love them–whether they are in your body, in your behavior, in your spouse or partner, in your children, in your co-workers, or anywhere else.  When you learn to love imperfection,  you begin to loosen up and relax and experience a lot less stress.   Things aren’t so bad after all.