The Happy Meal Art Project

Someone recently sent me the link to the Happy Meal art project by New York artist, Sally Davies.  I couldn’t resist sharing it with you—people I care about—in hopes that I can convince more of you not to eat at fast food restaurants.  I had heard anecdotal reports about the fact that McDonald’s food doesn’t decompose over time, but this art project documents it once and for all.  See for yourself what happens (or doesn’t happen) over 190 day period to a McDonald’s happy meal (hamburger and French fries).

I mentioned this project to someone waiting in line for a flu shot at a health fair on Wednesday and she gave me her own version of the lack of decomposition of McDonald’s food products over time.  She said she was in Arizona (think “hot sun”) and she had gotten a McDonald’s vanilla milk shake.  She placed it on the fence post while she rode her horse for about an hour and a half.  When she went back to get the milkshake, it wasn’t cold anymore but it hadn’t changed in any other way.  She was pretty shocked and she’s never touch McDonald’s food or drink again.

Maybe you want to do your own scientific experiment. Next time you buy something at a fast food restaurant, buy two and bring one home and watch what happens (or doesn’t happen) over time.

If you need more convincing about the dangers of fast food, please watch the documentary “Super Size Me” or go to their “facts” webpage at