The Mindfulness-Based Eating Solution

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What are you really hungry for? Is it food, happiness, or something else? In this unique book, mindfulness expert Dr. Lynn Rossy offers a proven-effective, whole-body approach to help you discover the real reasons why you’re overeating.

If you find yourself eating without thinking, because you feel bored or sad, or simply because you’ve had a hard day, indulging here and there is understandable. But emotional eating can often spiral out of control. By following the guidance in this book, you can learn how to listen to your body, heart and mind—guiding you towards health and happiness in all aspects of your life and without giving up your love for food. In fact, according to a recent study, women in the author’s Eat for Life program reported greater mindfulness, higher levels of body appreciation and intuitive eating, and lower levels of problematic eating behaviors than the wait list comparison group.

If you want to truly enjoy your food, respect your body, and savor your life, the easy-to-use strategies in this book will show you how—one mindful taste at a time.

This book made the list of the Top Ten Mindful Books of 2016 by 

For a little preview, start practicing with the BASICS of Mindful Eating.

A book to read absolutely!

If you have any problems with food or in your relationship with your body, I highly recommend Lynn’s book. One of the best Mindful Eating books I know: direct, practical, simple, full of exercises and mindfulness practices. I highly recommend also the 10-week “Eat for Life” course, based on the book: an intense and revealing experience that will help you to get relief from suffering with your relationship with food and eating. Lynn is an enthusiastic and passionate writer and teacher who knows how to treat delicate subjects with wisdom, humanity and lightness. Her work and dedication are a precious gift. Alessandra P.


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What Others Are Saying About My Book

A straightforward and commonsensical glide path into fine-tuning one of the most fundamental relationships in our lives, namely with food, for the sake of well-being, health, happiness, and social connection. This book will nourish and support you in multiple ways and, if you stick with its recommendations for practicing mindfulness, will give you more than a taste of who is eating in the first place, and why.

— Jon Kabat-Zinn , author of Mindfulness for Beginners

The Mindfulness-Based Eating Solution gives anyone who has struggled with food a realistic and achievable approach to finding peace with food and eating. While founded on solid science, Lynn Rossy offers a supportive, nurturing and real-life approach to inviting change while still enjoying the foods you love. The Mindfulness-Based Eating Solutionwill have you savoring each bite, appreciating your body, and leaving each meal feeling satisfied. Why beat up on yourself and continue to eat on auto-pilot? This excellent book gives you a clear roadmap for getting off the diet-merry-go-round and building a healthy relationship to food!

— Donald Altman , MA., LPC, author, The Mindfulness Toolbox, Clearing Emotional Clutter, and 12-Weeks to Mindful Eating

Lynn Rossy takes us on a most uplifting and exquisite journey. She shows us how by bringing more consciousness to our eating we can truly nourish ourselves and experience genuine well-being. She shows us how to have a healthy relationship with our bodies and minds, understand our habits while not being run by them, learn to listen to the wisdom right inside of us, and discover how to truly savor life. Clear, practical and engaging, The Mindfulness-Based Eating Solution makes the process of taking good care of ourselves inspiring and fun. A wonderful book!

— James Baraz , co-author of Awakening Joy: 10 Steps to Happiness and co-founding teaching Spirit Rock Meditation Center, Woodacre, CA.

Reading this book is like talking to a wise and warm-hearted friend, a friend who had the knowledge and experience to help you reclaim the natural pleasure and daily satisfaction that is inherent in eating. As an added bonus, it is filled with helpful exercises and tips, based on scientific studies, including the author’s own research.

— Jan Chozen-Bays, MD, author of Mindful Eating

“When we bring a mindful attention to what we truly hunger for, we enter a path of authentic healing. Savor Every Bite is an outstanding guide to transforming our relationship with food and learning to nourish our spirit.”Tara Brach, author of Radical Acceptance and Radical Compassion

— Tara Brach , author of Radical Acceptance and Radical Compassion

“A beautiful and poetic guide to awakening our senses, inhabiting our bodies, and opening our hearts to the richness of life. I highly recommend!”

— Shauna Shapiro , PhD, author of Good Morning, I Love You

“Savor Every Bite hits all the right notes. Its goal is to teach readers not only how to recover from dysregulated eating but how to enjoy life more. Rossy does this by laying out a path to whole-body engagement using thoughts, feelings, and senses. Guiding the reader through a five-step process and simple, targeted practice exercises, this empowering book makes change seem less frightening and more doable.”

— Karen R. Koenig , LCSW, MEd, award-winning international author of eight books on eating, weight, and body image (

“This book takes a compassionate look at our lifetime relationship to food and eating. We find ways to identify the authentic need behind our cravings. Rossy gives us doable practices to bring a mindful pause to our food choices and a mindful attentiveness to our bodies, too. I was also impressed by how we can find the Dharma on a table or in a mirror.”

— David Richo , PhD, author of Triggers: How We Can Stop Reacting and Start Healing

“I love these bite-sized chapters and embodied practices. You can read all you like about mindfulness, but it won’t take root until you feel it in your body. Lynn Rossy’s Savor Every Bite helps you do just that with compassion, the benefits of her personal experience, and the backing of scientific data!”

— Jenna Hollenstein , MS, RDN, nutrition therapist, meditation teacher, and author of Eat to Love

“Savor Every Bite is a handbook to life that is taught one bite at a time. Its five-step approach to mindful eating is an essential guide to discover the present moment. The book provides a life-affirming, health-supporting approach to stop worrying about food and start enjoying eating. This much-needed Health at Every Size (HAES®) mindful eating book is filled with delicious bites of insight, compassion, and wisdom that you will savor reading.”

— Megrette Fletcher , MEd, RD, CDCES, mindful eating pioneer, diabetes care and education specialist, author, and cofounder of The Center for Mindful Eating

“Savor Every Bite is an engaging, well-written, and easy-to-digest guide filled with thoughtful practices that will not only help you change your relationship with food, but your life overall. Rossy is a well-recognized expert in the field of mindful eating, and she doesn’t hold back in sharing her wisdom with her readers.”

— Alexis Conason , PsyD, CEDS-S, founder of The Anti-Diet Plan and author of The Diet Free Revolution

“Anyone who has ever fought, planned, gobbled, tried to control, or in any way felt at the mercy of food will appreciate the kindness and sanity with which Lynn Rossy approaches this topic. Leaving the dictates of diet and helplessness behind, Rossy gives the reader permission to listen to their own body and engage in a vital and intimate relationship with the food they eat.”

— Deborah Adele , author of The Yamas and Niyamas