There’s Still Time: Sign Up for Eat for Life

Want to learn how mindfulness can help you (a) be more resilient when difficult emotions arise, (b) relate differently to unhelpful thoughts, (c) eat in a way that honors your body and your taste buds, (d) love your body for the miracle it is, (e) love yourself, and (f) create a life of meaning and joy? I know that sounds like a lot to deliver, but I’ve been seeing the transformation in people who take my Eat for Life Program since 2007. Mindfulness is not a quick fix, but it can provide a new way of eating, moving, relating, and living that you can take on a journey of a lifetime.

I have two ten-week classes starting the last week of January. Go here for more information and to register.

Instead of writing another blog, please read my new blog in Mindful Magazine called Five Ways to Shift From Diet Culture to Loving Your Body.

Enjoy!! Hope to see you soon.