Trusting the Gold–New Book by Tara Brach

Tara Brach has given her life to helping people around the world understand and embrace their basic worth–quite challenging in the culture of “not-enoughness” that we live in. Her work is transformational and healing, and I am honored to be her friend and colleague. She was the co-leader of a three-year training program I completed at Spirit Rock Meditation Center in 2008. She and her husband, Jonathan Foust, have been a big part of my spiritual journey.

Here is a brief description of her new book coming out on June 1. I’m sure you’ll find many nuggets of wisdom and increasingly more moments of peace by reading it.

A Message From Tara Brach:

If you’ve ever felt trapped in a “trance of unworthiness”—filled with judgment about yourself and the others, or always feeling a sense of “not-enoughness”—you’re not alone. Yet I have seen time and again that we can learn to dissolve the layers of judgment and doubt to discover beneath them clarity, presence, and love—which is the “gold” of our true essence.

What helps us uncover that gold?  How can we learn to trust the pure awareness and love, the basic goodness that is our very essence? AND HOW CAN WE LEARN TO SEE THIS SAME SACRED PRESENCE IN ALL BEINGS, ALL LIFE? These questions have shaped my spiritual path, and in Trusting the Gold I share my own challenges and discoveries in stories that I hope you’ll find meaningful on your own journey.

In the book, I invite you to explore this path through the lenses of Truth, Love, and Freedom. We begin with learning to recognize the Truth of our experience, by opening to life, just as it is. Then we discover how to awaken our inherent capacity to meet this ever-changing life with Love. This unfolding of presence and love reveals the Freedom of our true nature.

As we take this inner journey back to our true nature, we change the way we live, move, and act in our lives. The more we learn to trust this loving presence as the truth of who we are, the more fully we will call it forth in ourselves and in all those we touch.

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