Turning Intentions into Reality: An EMYoga Series for the New Year

Have you noticed that habits are difficult to change? You keep doing the same thing repeatedly and don’t know why? Maybe there are things you wish you would stop doing–eating right before going to bed, eating snacks when you’re not hungry, drinking more than one glass of wine or drinking at all, buying clothes you don’t need, yelling at your husband or children for leaving the lights on, etc. Maybe there are things you would like to start doing–going to yoga class every week, taking stretch breaks throughout the day, taking a walk once a day, eating more vegetables, eating less sugar, and engaging in more self-care. Or perhaps you would like to be kinder, more generous, and more patient. According to Donna Eden of Eden Energy Medicine, your habits are held in place by energy “habit fields.” Their purpose is to keep you from changing and they resist innovation. That’s the bad news!

The good news is there are Energy Medicine Yoga (EMYoga) techniques that can help you work with your “habit fields” to change behaviors you’ve found hard to budge. While habit fields resist change, they can and do change, and energy work is often the key. In fact, energy wants to move, it’s always changing, and it responds to your intentions and your desires.

The first step is to energetically clear the current habit you want to change, envision a new pattern, and reprogram the habit you wish to create. While that might sound complicated, it only takes your willingness to do a few short techniques every day and your desire to make a specific change in your life. The more clarity you can get about what you do and do not want, the more likely you will see the changes you want to make.

Habits are behaviors that are automatic, conditioned responses, done without even thinking about them. For instance, you probably have the habit to brush your teeth every day at least once. You don’t have to think about whether or not you should brush your teeth today. Right? Habits like these are so ingrained they have become “non-negotiables.” You have decided to do them and don’t even think about it anymore. You just do them. To turn new intentions into habits, you will need to practice them for a period of time. Not only will you need to practice them, but you can energize them with the help of Energy Medicine Yoga techniques.

If you have a physical, emotional, or behavioral intention you would like to implement in 2023, join me for a four-week series through alleyCat Yoga Center. This fun, informative, and experiential class will teach you how to turn your intentions into reality. Make setting intentions in the new year different by supporting yourself with the shared intention of a group practice. You will learn EMYoga techniques to use on and off the mat. In addition, the course will include education, asana, energy medicine techniques, and journaling.


Week One: Clear Your Habit Field and Start Programming a New Habit

Week Two: Envision Your New Habit Taking Hold

Week Three: Calm the Triple Warmer (the holder of your habits)

Week Four: Solidify Your Intentions

This series is designed for new and experienced yoga practitioners who wish to create new habits through intention and energy work.


This series is led LIVE ONLINE via ZOOM AT 7 p.m. CST on Tuesdays. Recordings of the class will be available for 30 days to all registrants.

Tuesdays evenings January 3 – 24, 2023 | 7:00-8:15p

4 Week Series, Online Event

$75 or 20 credits through alleyCat Yoga Center. Register HERE.