Unlock the True Healing Power of Yoga

When Lauren Walker and Donna Eden join forces, it’s a superstar event.  Two leading pioneers in their respective fields of yoga and energy medicine.  

As Lauren began to weave these ancient techniques that Donna teaches into her personal yoga practice, a beautiful synergy happened.  A magical union of two ancient healing traditions became Energy Medicine Yoga.  A practice to harness your vital and essential energies, activating and empowering your body’s innate healing intelligence.

And now, Lauren and Donna have teamed up to share these teachings with YOU!  Their insightful and dynamic self-paced course is based on Lauren’s second book The Energy Medicine Yoga Prescription, bringing these practices to life in:

Making the Invisible Visible: Unlock the True Healing Power of Yoga  

No headstands or touching your toes are required, just accessible techniques and practices to unlock yoga’s true potential.  You will witness in real time Donna’s gift of seeing energy.  With her x-ray vision, she watches Lauren demonstrate classic yoga poses on their own; and then again with the added component of a simple energy medicine hold or movement to enhance and strengthen the flows of energy throughout the body.  

The course starts on October 26th with access to an invaluable collection of 8 self-paced modules and enriching bonuses that will serve as your go-to library where you can revisit the teachings and the practices time and time again.  If you want to change long-standing patterns, physical, emotional, or spiritual, it’s the energy that needs to shift first.  

Energy is the source of your wholeness and wellness.  Learn to master your own unique energies for your personal prescription and journey into healing, cultivating your unlimited capacity for health and pure joy.

This is your link to find out more and to register for the classes: https://emyoga.thinkific.com/courses/making-the-invisible-visible?ref=fa7ba8

And, don’t forget, if you are looking for an in-person experience, I have weekly Energy Medicine Yoga classes in Columbia, MO at alleyCat Yoga Center. These take place every Wednesday at 5:30 p.m.