Why I Love Costa Rica and Maybe You Should Too!

Pura Vida is Costa Rica’s unofficial national slogan, and you hear it everywhere. The meaning of pura vida is “pure life,” and symbolizes the simple, cheerful outlook and lifestyle of what is often called the happiest country in the world. Pura Vida can be used to say “hello,” “good-bye,” “okay,” “you bet,” “don’t worry, be happy,” or just about any salutation. If you stay in Costa Rica for any amount of time, you begin to feel the essence of Pura Vida calming your nervous system and a smile begin to move across your face.

I lead retreats to Costa Rica every year and do some of my favorite things. These include practicing yoga and energy medicine, eating great food, lounging around in beautiful weather, getting a massage or facial, playing games, getting to know the most kind and interesting people, and taking little adventures to interesting parts of the country. As if that wasn’t enough, there is a lot of personal transformation. And, last but not least, you get to feel loved by a room full of people. Everyone feels it and no one is left out. It’s spectacular!

Right now I have openings in both of my upcoming retreats. Each have unique characteristics that will delight you in their distinctive way.  See my chart below to get an idea of the differences.

Tierra de Sueños Eco-Lodge                          Pura Vida Spa and Resort
September 22 – 29, 2024                               January 25 – February 1, 2025
In the jungle by the beach                               In the mountains overlooking the canyon
Yoga in an outdoor platform in the jungle     Yoga in a beautiful room overlooking the canyon
Have a chicken visit the yoga room               Have a cat visit the yoga room
Stay in Bungalows (double occupancy)        Stay in various types of rooms (single & double)
Lots of freedom to explore                             You stay in a large compound near San Jose
Lounge by the beach                                       Lounge by the pool and hot tub
Lots of eco-adventures                                   Lots of eco-adventures
Massage available                                           Extensive Wellness Center
4-1/2 hour shuttle from airport                       30 minutes from airport
Rent bicycles to explore                                 Shuttle to excursions
Hiking in the jungle                                        Hiking around resort & coffee field                    
Great food                                                        Great food
Wonderful staff                                              Wonderful staff
Women Only                                                  Men and Women (no children)
Transformative                                               Transformative                                                       
More information here                                   More information here

Here are some testimonials from past participants about Tierra de Sueños:

It was empowering to be with and practice with such an amazing knowledgeable Yoga Teacher while living in a National Geographic Special.  The environment was spectacular. I loved doing yoga on the yoga deck and listening to the sounds of the jungle. And, while sitting on the beach, I really contemplated how to find a way to just stay in Costa Rica.  KK

I loved the proximity to the Caribbean Sea, absolutely delicious and healthy and fresh food, the jungle environment with the howler monkeys, sloths and birds and meeting the beautiful and lovely ladies from all over the United States. Lynn and Chrissy were delightful and knowledgeable–always willing to discuss yoga and energy medicine.  MJ

Here are some testimonials from past participants about Pura Vida:

This was my second time at Lynn’s yoga retreat and I loved it as much as the first.  Lynn Rossy’s Kripalu Yoga Retreat at Pura Vida Retreat Center and Spa is perfect for a restorative winter getaway. The facilities, in a lush tropical setting in the mountains above San Jose with beautiful views of the valley below, are first rate and the food and the spa treatments exceeded expectations.  Best of all were the 2 to 3 times daily that our group gathered for asana, pranayama, energy medicine, restorative yoga and other class sessions.  NK

Throw away your pre-conceived notions of a yoga retreat! You will not subsist on tofu or chant OM all day and night.  Instead you will be challenged, loved, and laugh a lot in a peaceful and verdant setting with kind and caring people, joined together in a journey for self-awareness.  DC


What more do you need? Reach out to discuss any questions you might have. I love to talk about these transformative retreat experiences. And I hope you decide to join me at one of them.

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Pura Vida!!